2018 International Summer School

Parenting the Parents Intensive training Course

The Body Psychotherapy's Tools to cope with Parents and Babies upset

Training and Holiday by the Amazing Coast near Rome (IT)

Summer 2018

Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Students, Doctors

40 hours

The framework in which Parenting the Parents moves is represented by the first moments of our life: the prenatal life, birth, and breast feeding, up to the end of the first year. This is a critical time featured by the strong interaction between three bio-energetic fields: baby, mother and father. Eva Reich calls these first moments of our life the “sensitive period”.

We mainly use the Eva Reich’s Gentle Bioenergetic theory, which arose inside the Reichian model but is specially geared to prevention and baby body psychotherapy.

We integrated this basic model with other post-Reichian tools such as the Energetic Functionalist Psychotherapy, as we learned it by Francesco Dragotto, the Gentle Bioenergetic Baby Massage learned by Silja Wendelstadt, and Thomas Harms’s Emotional First Aid.

Because we work with human bio-energetic fields, we found strong relations between Reichian orgonomic research and new scientific approaches as quantum physics, neuroscience and Infant Research, of course.

To support the parents during this delicate period we use this integrated approach and we pay special attention to the relationship between the members of the family, notably the relationship with the father, and to the relationship with and between the therapists inside the therapeutic setting.

Next summer you can choose to spend a nice period to learn the Parenting the Parents approach in a warm a comfortable place beside the sea near Rome.

In accordance with our theoretical principle, we like to think that every learning must be based on pleasure, experiential work and theoretical knowledge.

We will spend nine days close to the Roman coast. During these days we will learn more about an innovative approach to help cope with parents’ and babies’ upsets; we will organize archeological tours to Rome and to Anzio and we will stay together beside the sea, swimming and enjoying the Italian sun.









Psychologist Psychotherapist
Istituto Reich’ Director

Psychologist Psychotherapist
Prevention Area Responsible

More Information about registration, fee, enrollment, date, etc..., please send your CV or phone to +39 339 391 0827


Fabio Carbonari
Carbonari F.


Francesca Zoppi
Zoppi F.



Difficoltà relazionali
di coppia e familiari

Disturbi del sonno
e della nutrizione del neonato

Difficoltà comportamentali
e scolastiche del bambino

dell'area affettiva


Disturbi dell'umore
e instabilità emotiva

Stress, ansia
e attacchi di panico


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